We are spending the spring with a sermon series on 1 John. I was thinking about how I needed to spend time to study up on 1 John to sure I knew it through and though before I started preaching on it. That's when I heard a word from the Lord: I need to spend time with the Lord in order to prepare for preaching on this book. It's about how we can know with assurance that Christ is risen and that God loves us. God's purpose isn't that we would know the book; the purpose of studying the book is to know God, to be assured of God's love and grace. 

I pray that you spend your time preparing for Sundays by spending time with God. God wants you to know and love him. May it be so! 

Join us in person (8:55 and 11:00) or on the radio (WIFO 105.5 in Jesup at 11:00) on Sundays as you seek Jesus. 


Rev. Rebecca Duke-Barton

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