Summer of Signs and Wonders

The book of Acts begins with the promise of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit arrived with a flourish on the day of Pentecost, appearing as a tongue of fire resting on each of the disciples gathered in the Upper Room. The coming of the Holy Spirit changed the disciples. They went from being a group frightened and unsure about the future to people who preached the word of God with power. The earliest disciples were people who had never left their homeland, yet once the Holy Spirit arrived, they traveled the world telling the story of Jesus. They stopped gathering together quietly in an upper room and boldly took the message of Jesus to the public streets. Peter went from denying that he even knew Jesus to proclaiming Jesus in front of thousands. On the day of Pentecost, 3000 people came to believe in Jesus. “Signs and wonders” accompanied the coming of the Spirit; people were healed; the dead came back to life; people gave up their idols and gave their lives to Christ.

We will spend the rest of the summer reading the first half of The Acts of the Apostles. We will hear about the signs and wonders that occurred when the Holy Spirit came to empower the apostles. As you read the book of Acts, notice how many times that phrase appears. The early church frequently experienced signs and wonders as people came to see the power of God. I fully expect as we read these scriptures and pray for the Spirit’s power that we will see signs and wonders at Jesup FUMC.

Glad to your pastor,


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