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"Lord, We Need You Here."

In 1872, a group of early Jesupites met for prayer and Bible study in an upstairs room at the local General Store.  The story goes that a storm had come up, and the people gathered in the store and prayed the prayer, "Lord, we need you here." That group, under the leadership of a Methodist Circuit Rider, became the foundation for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in Jesup.  Longing for a place of their own, those Methodists moved into a small, one room facility on the corner of what is now Cherry Street and Brunswick Street.  Methodists weren't the first religious group organized in Jesup, but we were the first to build.  

A little over a decade later, the church had become too small and a larger facility was needed to accommodate the worshiping community.  And continued growth resulted in the building of the current facility in 1931.  Sunday School rooms and a fellowship hall were added to enhance the church's programs and ministries.

As Methodists, following in the footsteps of our founder, Rev. John Wesley (1703 - 1791), we are people of warm hearts, keen minds, and busy hands.  We are called by God to move closer to God in personal piety, closer to one another in corporate love and mutual care, and closer to the world through ministry and service.  We are still praying the prayer, "Lord, we need you here." The Lord IS here. Come join us! 


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